CPsychol, CSci, AFBPsS, HCPC, RAPPS & EuroPsy Consultant Clinical Psychologist
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Peer-Reviewed Publications

Goozée R, Papadatou-Pastou M, Barley E., Haddad M, Tzotzoli, P.M. Survey to inform the development of an online support system for higher education students: Ψυχολογία, 2017 (submitted)

Other Selected Publications

Tzotzoli, P.M. (2016, February 25). Why consider psychological services when going through a separation or divorce? February Ewire. Retrieved from: http://www.silverman-sherliker.co.uk/newswires/16feb-why-consider-psychological-services-when-going-through-a-separation.htm

Book Reviews & Contributions

McKenna, P.J. Schizophrenia and related syndromes [Review by Tzotzoli P.M.]. Journal of Mental Health, 2008:17(3):339

Koletsi M & Tragou E (2013) From theory to practice: clinical & counselling assessment, Assessment based on the cognitive behaviour model. [Tzotzoli P.M Acknowledgement for contribution as expert reviewer] Athens: Kalendis