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Peer-Reviewed Publications

Barrable A, Lubenko J, Haddad M, McKeown E, Papadatou-Pastou M, Hirani S, Martin M, Tzotzoli P.M. MePlusMe: An online intervention to support mental health, wellbeing and study skills in higher education: A feasibility study. Journal of Mental Health, 2022 (forthcoming)

Selected Commentaries

Tzotzoli P.M. comment on “In it to win it: why are we so obsessed with quizzes?” The Guardian Labs. 20 Sep. 2019


Book Reviews, Contributions & Translations

Koletsi M & Tragou E (2013) From theory to practice: clinical & counselling assessment, Assessment based on the cognitive behaviour model. [Tzotzoli P.M Acknowledgement for contribution as expert reviewer] Athens: Kalendis

Two chapters of a book on Deep Brain Stimulation from Greek to English by the neurosurgeon Dr Strogylos Ch., Athens, Greece, 2008

Chapter 19: “Personal Adjustment and Emotional Functioning” from the book “Neuropsychological Assessment” Lezak from English to Greek by Messinis L, Athens, Greece, 2009